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  1. Startups that hack the brain: a review of 67 European neurotech startups

    2021-06-25 10:50:47 UTC
    Tech and investment community becomes increasingly interested in neurotech, partially due to brain-computer interfaces being actively covered by the media. In this article, I explore the current state of the European neurotech landscape and outline opportunities for entrepreneurs.  For this article, neurotechnology is defined ‘… as the assembly of methods…

  2. Neurotechnology landscape: beyond the healthcare market

    2021-03-16 11:47:00 UTC
    In this article, I explore various neurotech applications outside the medical domain. I cover 30 startups that work in various markets and across three layers of the tech stack (Chart 1). This post was originally published in the ’Geek Culture’ publication and its full version is available on Medium.   Three

  3. Rethinking consciousness. / Reading notes

    2020-11-01 05:38:00 UTC
    ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’. Arthur C. Clarke This quote by Arthur C. Clarke in my opinion, is the best epigraph to ’Rethinking Consciousness’ by Michael Graziano. Takeways/interpretations Consciousness can be engineered;Attention schema and machinery that underlines it create simulations of our state of mind and other…

  4. What is consciousness? / Reading notes

    2020-07-22 18:54:00 UTC
    ‘What Is Consciousness?’ By Christof Koch.  A summary of the article in Scientific American magazine. The article focuses mostly on physical footprints of consciousness, less on philosophical discussions about it. This footprint is the neuronal correlates of consciousness (NCC), or ‘the minimal neuronal mechanisms jointly sufficient for any specific

  5. NeurotechGaming 2020 conference / Event notes

    2020-07-21 13:42:00 UTC
    Below there are my notes based on presentations and a panel discussion by Erin Reynolds, of Flying Mollusk, Adam Molnar of Neurable Inc., and Erik Lloyd of Brink Bionics. This note represents my takeaways from the event, rather than its accurate account, therefore please accept my apologies for not adding…

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